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Last April I got asked to join a small select group of small photographers to curate photos for @nike. I was honored to be apart of such a talented pool of people, and it’s been a huge success for me.  Here’s a few of my photos they’ve posted in the last couple months.  Please follow @nike and double tap on my photos if you want to support!!

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xo – Ashley

Hiking Callaghan with Taylor Godber – Billabong post

Hiking Callaghan with Taylor Godber – Billabong post

New wallpaper page in NOVEMBER issue of TWS – DCP

Screenshot 2014-10-29 08.56.09

Ski Canada Travel Interview

A  fun little online timeline of all my covers was just posted online with Ski Canada.

12.2011_COVEr_actmag_ejack_season 3

Check it out:

Vancity Buzz Interview


I shot some photos with this beautiful model Amie Nguyen as part of a personal creative project: pretty in water.  Vancity Buzz did a little interview on it.

Find it here:

2015 Buyers’ Guide Cover – Snowboard Canada w/ Rusty Ockenden

19.Snow-23(1).1-Cover-1500pixels‘The landing of this feature looks like a boob from the side, and with the low light it looks like you’re jumping off of a long chin onto a titty. Witches usually have long chins, so we call this spot the witches titty. But in mid march, the light is more or less non existent on this feature and favors only the brave. Rusty Ockenden was quick to land this front 3 on the nipple and onto the next feature by 9am.’

Freeskier magazine pages: TJ Schiller & Justin Dorey

tj_freeskier_sm_224 dorey_freeskier_166.p1The first issue of Freeskiers magazine is out and here are my photos of the boys.

TWS September 2014 – Published Tearsheet – Rusty Ockenden

Screen Shot 2014-08-20 at 3.14.33 PM

Taylor Godberg


20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8663 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_-220140603_godberg_barkerfoto_9328 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8579-2 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8623 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8660 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8723 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8768 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8812 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_8819 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_9010-2 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_9094 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_911520140603_godberg_barkerfoto_9273 20140603_godberg_barkerfoto_9236  g,

NEW @Nike Photos


20140516_barkerfoto_1814 20140603_barkerfoto_9946

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