• New RVCA advertising


    new RVCA advertising

    Here’s some new advertising of RVCA clothing brand using my photos from Hawaii.  So hyped to be working with such a solid brand, and incredible atheletes.

    Dalbello Skiboot Ad with Sean Pettit


    Taylor Godberg – Billabong blog post


    20150117_barkerfoto_3544 20150117_barkerfoto_3619 20150117_barkerfoto_3628 20150117_barkerfoto_3664 20150117_barkerfoto_3676 20150117_barkerfoto_3685 20150117_barkerfoto_3722 20150117_barkerfoto_3772

    Follow Taylor Godber on her quest for snow filled adventures this winter @fingerscrossedcreative.  She a beauty girl on the inside and out.


    Freeskier Magazine Feb 2015


    Freeskier Pages Jan 2015 & Photo Annual

    sammy carlson - action max Hill - lifestyle

    sammy carlson – action
    max Hill – lifestyle


    January pages of TWS Magazine – MFR & Chris Rasman

    Screenshot 2014-12-12 10.07.43 Screenshot 2014-12-12 10.08.28

    Interview in Golden Ride


    GoldenRide_AshleyBarker_page1 GoldenRide_AshleyBarker-page_2

    new photos live on @nike

    Last April I got asked to join a small select group of small photographers to curate photos for @nike. I was honored to be apart of such a talented pool of people, and it’s been a huge success for me.  Here’s a few of my photos they’ve posted in the last couple months.  Please follow @nike and double tap on my photos if you want to support!!

    20140502_barkerfoto_734920140807_barkerfoto_ 20140504_barkerfoto_799920140927_barkerfoto_5876-2 20140806_barkerfoto_9197 20140807_barkerfoto_9929  20140516_barkerfoto_ 20140616_barkerfoto_1028 20140806_barkerfoto_2 20140806_barkerfoto_8572 20140807_barkerfoto_0187 20141014_barkerfoto_2654


    xo – Ashley

    Hiking Callaghan with Taylor Godber – Billabong post

    Hiking Callaghan with Taylor Godber – Billabong post

    New wallpaper page in NOVEMBER issue of TWS – DCP

    Screenshot 2014-10-29 08.56.09

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