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    Mike Henituk – December 2013


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    I went to Rettallack before Christmas this year to shoot with Sean Pettit, Mike Henituk and Callum Pettit for a new web series Sean is launching called Superproof.  Leigh Powis and Brendan ‘Sherpa’ Kelly are the brains behind the operation.  It’s always a great time at Rettallack.  If you havn’t been and you like great food, awesome people and powder, get there.  I love shooting anything and everything there because the environment is photogenic and inspiring.  These are some shots I took of Mike one afternoon after skiing because, well, that’s what I love to do.

    Justin Dorey – Under Armour shoot – New Zealand 2013

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    I joined Justin in New Zealand this summer for a week and shot some photos for his outerwear sponsor Under Armour.  There’s nothing like mixing business with pleasure, and Justin is always a pleasure to shoot with ( when he lets me ) :) .  We didn’t get tons of time on snow due to weather and injury, but I was really hyped on what we go.

    Billabong Ad – Jamie Anderson

    Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 3.47.52 PM

    Guevremont wedding in Kelowna

    guevremont_barker_20110611_9929 guevremont_barker_20110611_9883 guevremont_barker_20110611_9858 guevremont_barker_20110611_9845 guevremont_barker_20110611_9802 guevremont_barker_20110611_9716 guevremont_barker_20110611_9683 guevremont_barker_20110611_9674 guevremont_barker_20110611_1901 guevremont_barker_20110611_1890 guevremont_barker_20110611_1872 guevremont_barker_20110611_1713 guevremont_barker_20110611_1705 guevremont_barker_20110611_1601 guevremont_barker_20110611_1529 guevremont_barker_20110611_1489 guevremont_barker_20110611_1475 guevremont_barker_20110611_1438 guevremont_barker_20110611_1184 guevremont_barker_20110611_1155 guevremont_barker_20110611_1123 guevremont_barker_20110611_1089 guevremont_barker_20110611_0933 guevremont_barker_20110611_0853 guevremont_barker_20110611_0841 guevremont_barker_20110611_0642 guevremont_barker_20110611_0389 guevremont_barker_20110611_0315 bw_guevremont_barker_20110611_0841 bw_guevremont_barker_20110611_0773 bw_guevremont_barker_20110611_0291 bw_guevremont_barker_20110611_0283 bw_guevremont_barker_20110611_0202 bw_guevremont_barker_20110611_0040 bw_guevremont_barker_20110611_0008This wedding was so beautiful.  It was almost 2 years ago now, but as I am looking back on some photos I could only smile as they bring back such great memories.  It’s great to hear Sydney and Sean are as happy as they have ever been.  I am happy to say I was part of the wedding.  Peace and love -  Ashley

    TWS Feb Issue – Helen Schetini & Ryan Tiene

    Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 3.49.46 PM

    TWS March – Published – Hadar, Sollors

    Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 12.42.12 PM Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 12.42.23 PM

    The people of Padang

    20130719_barkerfoto_5605I was up in Northern Sumarta, Indonesia for a few months this year.  It was an amazing experience.  I had a job shooting the guests surfing, on a Australian boat for 2 weeks.  Before setting a sail I posted up in this tiny Muslim town, so naturally I walked around with my camera.  The kids were thrilled to see me, and were super into me taking there picture.  In fact they couldn’t get enough.  Before long we were singing songs and counting in English and Indonesian.  It was a great day.

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